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Picking the right survivor

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The Landlord
Post time 2018-8-28 06:58:16 From the mobile phone | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
Detective Diaries
In-Game Name: MisterMind
Digital ID: 6574162
If you are a new player and you are confused on choosing a survivor
Then this is for you

There are 3 types of survivor : decoders,kiters,and rescuers

The first kind of survivor is  : decoders
This is the kind of survivors that usually decode and run away when a hunter get near them
A good example of a survivor like this is the mind's eye
She has has a 30% slower vaulting speed and have a 10% speed on decoding
But i don't recommend this survivor to a new player
Because due to the mind's eye blindness, she has a limited view
But for new player, i recommend playing as the Gardener

The second kind of survivor is : kiter's

These kind's of survivor are kind that lazy to do some decoding and just find the hunter and mess with them
So by doing that his teammates can decode
A good example is the forward
The forward has a passive skill call Athletics, the skill will have 10% or more on vaulting window and pallets
But he have a passive skill call all thumbs, the skill slow down decoding by 30%
But if you don't have this survivor you can use the thief because of his flashlight that blind the hunter
Just remember to use pallets,windows and walls. To make you hard to be hit by the hunter
And always go to the point on the map with lot of pallets,windows and walls

The third and the final kind of survivor is : rescuers

These kind's of survivor like's to help teammates on rocket chair's or if there teammates hurt
A good example is the coordinator
She have a passive skill, in wihich if you dont help your teammate you will have a debuff on your decoding
She also have a flare gun that will stun the hunter for a much longer period of time

Tips : using the right persona will help you a lot, you only have 100 points use them wisely
           Learn how to use windows,pallets and walls it will help you a lot
           Do not use flashy skins, i know it looks good but it will make you easier to be find by the hunter
            Unless you are a kiters then you can use flashy skins
            Have a good teammates
           Have fun with the game
            If you do not have a item when you are starting a match or your item lose it's durability
           Then go find a chest and open it, it will have a random item

Anyways, that should help you. Good luck players


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The Sofa
Post time 2018-8-30 10:58:00 | Show the author posts only
Hello ZeroMind, thank you for the information!
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