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I love some interesting event [My IDV Guide][Detective Diary Contest]

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The Landlord
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Detective Diaries
In-Game Name:
Digital ID: 2124038
Persona Web
Survivor : Default
This type can be useful in all survivor.Speed is increasewhen valting a pallet or window ,and It can fully recover when the exit gate isactivated.

Survivor : Helping
Tide Turner can invisible you and a helped survivor. This typecan be set in all survivor but it will be great to using it in helper survivorlike Doctor, Priest or Mercenary

Survivor : Healing
This type can heal other very fast and will be useful withDoctor

Survivor : Sitting
This type slow count down of rocket chair.It is great to setit in Coordinator

Hunter : Finding

Hunter : Strike

Hunter : Window Block
These 3 types of Hunter that I usually use.Hunter : Findingis the type which I use frequently.It can detect one of the other threesurvivor when one of the survivor was put in rocket chair and still 4 survivors in games.

My Survivor Guide
-If you want to find acipher machine very quickly, you can use Curiosity.
-I will not complete acipher in one times.If the decoding process is about 25% or 50% I will go totyping the other machine. Because it think the hunter will know you if you bethere for a long time.
-If you are shock, youcan run to other ciphers machine before hunter coming.
-I will help the sitsurvivor as much as possible.
-You can take damage fromhunter to make your friend running away from hunter.
-Suggesting that when youare playing hunter what you will do including second plan when the huntersuggest what you going to do.

My Hunter Guide
-Tinnitus is very usefulto find hunter and Street Sweeper is quite great find the healed survivor.
-You can look at thecipher machine. If it is shaking,it might be the survivor decoding at thatmachine.
-You can hit the survivorwhen they waiting to hit you ,especially know when to Terror Shock thesurvivor.
-Do not struggling withonly one survivor for long time if you calculate that you can’t win him.
-Suggesting that when youare playing survivor what you will do to run away or anything from hunter tocontrol the game.


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