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The Invisible Killer

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The Landlord
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Footsteps echoed through the silent house as the private detective paced around the bloody crime scene, observing the little details for clues of the murder.

The house was not kept nicely, there was dust in every corner and newspapers littered over the table.

“Have you found anything?” said his assistant.

“Not yet,” said the detective. He kneeled in front of the victim and examined his body. The victim’s clothes were tainted with wet blood. Deep cuts were clear on his arms and back.

“This murder happened not too long ago, 30 minutes at most.” The detective stood as he looked around. What intrigued them the most is that there was no murder weapon.

Then, a police officer came into the crime scene. “Alright, your time is up,” he said, gesturing to the door. “We’ll take care of it from here.”

The detective glanced at his assistant and shook his head, telling him that they should leave. The assistant sighed in defeat as he followed him out.

“What was that? You never back down on a case,” said the assistant.

“This one was too tricky, there was no murder weapon anywhere. No clues, nothing.”

He sighed disappointedly and they decided to call it a day. Later, the detective parted ways with his assistant and head to his apartment.

Upon arrival, he glanced around to see if anyone was watching. When he was sure the coast was clear, he took out a bloodied knife from the sheath hidden in his coat and went to his kitchen. He smirked grimly as he washed the blood from his knife.

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The Sofa
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Nice twist. Good story.
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