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A Saturday or Sunday rank

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The Landlord
Post time 2019-2-4 17:32:17 From the mobile phone | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
Everybody know that we have only 2 hours to play in ranked game and each occasion to play ranked game depend of our location, for instance players who live in Asia have more chance to play ranked game than who live in Europe ( 11am - 1 pm and in general those players are studying or working ).

Then I propose to developers to add every week a special day where everybody can do ranked game during 12 hours for instance more longer than normal.

My reason is simple:

Some players are stuck in low rank because they don’t have occassion to increase their rank and their skill.
They fight against low rank hunters and have Low rank teammate who don’t know the the true potential of each character in the game and how to counter them with WHO, WHEN , WHERE , WHY.

They are complaining about hunters who camp, about hunters who are too strong hunter too cheated.

Instead of to explain to them why , i prefer to let them learn by playing against good players if they think : oh it’s easy win if i camp with hunter , or Oh no too hard to win against camper.


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