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(Vote) Doctors healing small wounds problem

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As a frequent doctor player, healing speed is very important to me, and when I am healing myself from a more than 50% damaged status (on normal games, in 2 vs 8 could me more than 33% damage), doctor heals only the 50% damage wound and not the remaining percentage left consecutively, in 2 vs 8 games, if you are damaged at about 66% or two normal hits of damage, you heal one wound and the other wound just when the first one got healed, non stop healing in other words.

My point is, to make healing a little easier to new players with non stop healing, healing for doctors should always be non stop until the wounds are gone, plus, make the icon change to hurt if you have 25% of damage since the Photographer can still incapacitate you in one hit or make the icon change that way only against the Photographer

Why? because of some problems I have encountered:

1) Some doctors think they are completely healed and still get incapacitated by one hit by the Photographer.
2) While playing as a doctor, healing someone with more than 50% damage makes you heal the 50% first, then stops and if the other person does not wait and go away, you can't force pin them down, so you get to heal them when they stop moving which wastes more time if you follow them and also wastes time if the other survivor gets hit by the Photographer (healed and still dies from one hit)
3) The damage notification bar and icon for damage under 49% looks like the survivor isn't damaged at all by what the icon displays and the yellow bar indicating damage is much darker, making it easier to forget.

In any way, please vote, if you think differently, please leave a comment.
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