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Surfer(New character idea)

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Hello, everyone. As always, I have new character idea to present. "Surfer" is young man survivor who known as world best surfer. He is smart, kind and like to help others. One day, he is received invitation to participate in the game. So, he decide to participate because of challenges.
He has 4 skills.

Firstly, "Surfing". He has Surfboard as item and always use it for surfing and teaching others. While using it, his speed will increase(Around Crazed dash without Wind wing speed.). He can carry uninjure teammate if his teammate tapping on icon on him but speed will decrease(Around Rocket dash without Wind wing speed.). While using item, he will left water that will slow down anyone who pass it along way that he pass(Water will remain as long as Ripper Freezing Fog). He can't vault obstacle while using item. If he is hit while carrying other, both of them will receive damage. This item is using gauge like Rugby ball. This item can find in a chest(Other survivor that using this item will not left water.). He can exchange Surfboard with other item.

Secondly, "Enjoy". He is enjoy in surfing and it make he has better performance. His movement speed while his teammate isn't injuring will increase 10%.

Thirdly, "Gallant". He always helping others. So, his healing speed will increase 20% and scope of successful in healing calibration is increased by 15%.

Fourthly, "Enchant". Sometimes he is too enjoy in surfing. So, his decoding speed will decrease 5%.

Comment and share whatever you think that can make it become better.

Thank you.


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