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Mad Eyes fan made buff idea #2

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The Landlord
1st and 2nd new ability of 1st presence:  

Name of the 1st new ability: (Developers decide)

Name of the 2nd new ability: (Developers decide)


Both abilities behave the same. They both make Mad Eyes raise walls, except the 1st ability's walls are facing in another direction than the 2nd ability's walls.

Tap,hold and release any one of the new ability buttons to raise a wall,like using Feaster's ability to spawn tentacles.

Instead of dealing 1/2 damage when Survivors climb over the wall,it deals 50% of a normal attack. Placing it on a Survivor deals 25% of a normal attack.

When you hold one of the buttons,the console that is nearest to you will be highlighted, meaning that it would be the one which power will be consumed. It also shows the remaining power of that console.

Raising fences by using one of the 2 new ability buttons also consumes more energy than using the portable console.

The duration of the walls are the same duration of the walls that are in the game.

The cool down of using any one of the new abilities is 3 or 2.5 seconds, which should be the cool down of raising a fence in game.


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