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Detective Diary Contest (Rewards!)

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The Landlord
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Create Guides for Rewards!

[Event Date]

[August 17th ~ August 30th]

Dear Detectives, our community is rapidly growing and we need some Player Guides to help out Newbie Detectives!

They can range from the basic survivor/hunter strategies for Identity V to map guides, or even Persona Web guides.
Choose what is most useful for a novice detective ;)~

Better Chances at Rewards for Guides with Pictures!

(Please read the requirements before submitting your guide)


1. Provide a useful guide that is organized and straight forward (Pictures Help!).

2. Provide your Account Name, ID, and server in the entry.

3. Please spend time on making a quality guide, if it is too low quality or not appropriate, it will not be approved.

(Please be patient as guides are moderated, if approved, they will show up in our Detective Diaries section.)


-Gold Prize: 600 Inspiration  to 10 Detectives
-Sliver Guides: 300 Inspiration to 10 Detectives
-Lucky Prize: 150 Clue+150 Fragment to 10 lucky random Detectives

Special Note】Prizes will be sent out within a week after the end of the Event.

Good Luck Detectives!


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